“My recent large format photographs and paintings have focused on gravity and patterns in nature, such as in farm fields, the energy of the ocean, and architectural objects.

I try to capture the silence and solitude of my vision—one that does not hesitate to face the difficulties of life and embrace the impermanence and boundlessness of nature. I don’t seek to celebrate the materials or methods used in the making. I encourage viewers to sense underlying forces giving rise to visible forms—exposing a vibrating instant of existence.” — AW

Warkov was born in San Francisco. His young parents, who were attending the San Francisco Art Institute, immersed him in a family soup of creativity. When he was nine, his family relocated to Minneapolis and it was there he discovered his relationship to gravity, wind and water, becoming a champion skateboarder and windsurfer. At 17, he went to Europe and modeled with top designers including Versace and Valentino. It was this exposure that kick-started his own photographic path, doing commercial work for advertising and magazines, as well as celebrity portraits. He is now turning his artistic lens on the natural world.

Warkov’s work is in both private and corporate collections in Manhattan. He resides in New York City and Sagaponack, NY, with his girlfriend, dog, and large collection of surfboards.