Different from Giehl’s seascape paintings, his abstracts explore the process of applying paint through more non-traditional methods. Using an array of self-built tools and palette knives, Giehl smears paint across the canvas to render organic color combinations and form. The process of adding and removing layers of paint creates depth and abstractions that ultimately dictate the composition.

Giehl approaches each abstract painting as a dynamic puzzle that unfolds itself over the creative process. Here again, he challenges himself to embrace the whimsical nature of blurring paint while seeking structure through use of grouped canvases or geometric outlines within the painting.

Inspiration behind Giehl’s abstracts is not an image, or concept, but rather the process of the painting itself. Appearance, color and configuration are almost a secondary consideration to the shaping of a painting through the application technique.

Giehl’s abstracts are influenced by such masters as Gerhardt Richter and Mark Rothko.